The UK's Most Sought After Business Expo Growth Expert


In 2010, after graduating from college Matthew founded a second business, selling technology memberships to homeowners and small businesses.

But things didn't go according to plan... the core marketing activity for the businesses was a direct mail campaign followed up with a telephone call.  

​However, at the same time, a bogus and fake company based in India, pretending that they were Microsoft, were making unsolicited cold calls to his database alerting people that their computer was already infected with a virus. It was a complete scam, but it badly affected the sales and reputation.  

Six weeks in and Matthew had no other choice.  For the second time, Matthew was forced to shut down the business or face bankruptcy.  He was just 19 years old at the time.

​At this point he had £18,000 of personal debt, a family who thought he was crazy and a Mum who was desperate for him to find a proper job!

But despite everything, and with absolutely no money at all, he started to organise a local business expo that would help promote local businesses and provide entrepreneurs a place where they could network.

The event was a huge success and at the end of the day Matthew had a queue of customers wanting to rebook their space for the next event.  Finally, Matthew's persistence paid off...

Matthew now runs some of the most successful business shows across the UK which attract hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of businesses each and every year. He also plans to franchise his tried and tested 'local business expo' formula in May 2016.

It Started with A Pound
In November 2015, Matthew published his book It Started With A Pound: Achieve Sweet Success in Business, to help share his turbulent tales of being in business and how he managed to achieve success against all odds.

In 2010 Matthew won a Place to be Proud of Community Award and was a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year!

If you would like to learn more about Matthew's story and discover the secrets to achieve sweet success in business, you can buy his book on Amazon today for just £9.99.